■About Reservation

By how many days before should I make a reservation?
  • Please reserve from the registration form of our website by 6:00pm.on a day before the appointment day.
Can I change the schedule and content of my reservation?
  • Please inform the change of the schedule or content of your reservation by 12:00pm. on a day before the appointment day.
Please let me know about the cancellation.
  • We will not charge cancellation fee if you inform us by 12:00pm. on a day before the appointment day. If you inform after that, we will charge 100% of cancellation fee. Please be advised ahead.
Can I choose the Kimono ahead?
  • Basically, you can choose the Kimono when you visit our store instead of the time when you make reservation. If you have some specific item what you want to fit on from our website, please let us know by phone ahead, it's up to the situation, but still we will try to arrange.
Is there something what I have to bring?
  • Nothing special, please come with empty hands.However, in winter, it's very cold. Please ware some thin under ware and leggings. And also if you need scarf, please bring.

■About Kimono and Fitting

I'm tall (Short), and fat. Do you have Kimono in my size?
  • Basically we prepare Kimonos for women from 145cm to 170cm tall, for men from 165cm to 180cm and also around hips for women by 110cm, for men by 120cm. We have some of bigger size. Please ask us ahead. There is a possibility that we will cancel your reservation if we could not find Kimono in your size. Please be advised ahead.
Can I choose Sash and Small articles?
  • All of our Kimono for women are coordinated with Sash and small articles by Ms. Ima Kikuchi, the stylist. And it is our recommendation. However, if you want to change the sash or small articles, please feel free to tell us.
How long will it take for fitting?
  • Usually, it takes 40 to 60 minutes. If it will be crowded, it will take more time. Please be informed. About the procedure on the day, please check the 『Procedure of Renting』

■About setting hair

Can you set my hair?
  • We will provide free simple hair setting.(Please refrain from using a dresser and a hair iron when you return items.)
Can I borrow a hair accessory?
  • We rent an accessory per a person.You can choose a hair accessory from the Japanese craft shop 『NOREN』 on 1st floor. (It's included in the renting fee.)

■About returning a Kimono

Is it available to extend the renting term?
  • It'll be return basically on the day, but it's possible to extend the return time until 12:00pm on next day by an option (1.500 yen + tax).Please be sure to call us in that case. 03-5828-5914
Until what time can I lend?
  • Please return by 5:30pm,

■About keeping of the baggage

Can you keep my baggage?
  • We will keep your baggage for free as long as you can put it in the bag what we prepare.Please note that we can't keep your valuables.